The Society of Arts Students at Monash is proud to be a leader in social equity, social justice and activism for an interdisciplinary response to climate change.

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This year SAS is super stoked to get back into the Green Impact Team Initiative. Building off of our inaugural involvement last year, we are looking into tailoring events that aim to show and teach many how to be sustainable in their everyday life.


We are working closely with the Monash Vegan Society and Monash Student Societies sustainability team to help educate students on how to be more environmentally friendly.

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Meet Out Green Impact Team

Misha 2_edited.jpg

Name: Misha Segal

Best Sustainability Tip: 

Catch public transport more often!

Zoe P.jpg

Name: Zoe Parsons

Best Sustainability Tip: 

Overthrow capitalism!

Otherwise try a vegan or plant-based diet for a sustainable future. 

meg osullivan_edited.jpg

Name: Meg O'Sullivan

Best Sustainability Tip: 

Grow your own veggie patch at home.

Save on what you buy at the supermarket, reduce waste and have a cute little herb garden on your window sill!


Name: Daena Karamountzos

Best Sustainability Tip: 

Carry around your reusable drink bottle so you never have to buy plastic bottles.

Stay tuned for more info for our Movember Team